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Aberdeen Angus

All our beef at the Scotch Beef Shop is the highest quality Certified Aberdeen Angus from Inverurie. All cattle fathered by Aberdeen Angus bulls are monitored from birth and have to pass rigorous checks before certification from Meat and Livestock Commission inspectors. Many retailers advertise that they sell Aberdeen Angus beef, but you can only be sure that it is the genuine article if it is certified. At the Scotch Beef Shop we guarantee that will be the case with all our beef being fully traceable from birth to the abattoir. Our beef is hung on the bone for a minimum of 3 weeks in our cold rooms for extra flavour & tenderness and to reduce shrinkage when cooked.

Free Range Chicken

Reared in Essex, Label Anglais chickens are allowed to roam free and feed on natural products, slowly reaching full maturity. Free from additives they have the very best texture and flavour, being moist and juicy,it is far superior to any supermarket chicken. These chickens are so good Gordon Ramsey uses them in his restaurants.

Free Range Pork

Our free range pork is sourced from Anna’s Happy Trotters in East Yorkshire, where the pigs are bred, weaned and fattened outdoors. Fed only on natural products, they grow slowly due to using up so much energy running around. This has given rise to award winning succulent, great tasting pork that has been praised by celebrity chefs Gerard Baker and Rosemary Shrager.

Balmoral Venison

Venison from the Royal Estate at Balmoral have lived a naturally wild existence in the rocky mountain streams and rivers. This foraging has left them lean, low in fat and cholesterol and a source of iron, protein and vitamins. The deer are culled during the stalking season in accordance with the Deer Act 1996 and to achieve a distinctive flavour, they are hanged for a minimum of three weeks in larders before being dispatched to our suppliers,


Our wide range of award winning sausages are made on site and range from basic pork to black pepper, hog roast and spicy lamb.


We sell lamb year round that has grazed on the lowlands of the Yorkshire Moors, allowing a succulent flavour to develop. Seasonally we sell the distinctively flavoured Salt Marsh Lamb from Cumbria in June and July. This darker and sweeter tasting lamb is much leaner than other varieties due to the extra energy used in grazing the salt marshes, where the grass is shorter and harder to walk on. In August and September we sell the tender and succulent Highland Lamb from Scotland.


More commonly known as Chevon, goat is the most widely eaten meat in the world and the staple diet of many countries in Africa, Asia and South America but more of a delicacy in Europe. Our goat is sourced from Cumbria and is an ideal alternative to lamb and beef, being low in cholesterol and high in iron. In terms of calories per unit of weight, it is similar in value to chicken.


At Christmas we sell award winning Free Range Bronze Copas Turkeys, which are allowed to roam free on their farm in Berkshire. By feeding and growing naturally and free from additives, the turkeys have a much greater meat to weight density at time of slaughter, which is at between five and seven months old compared to the industry standard of two months.

Alternatively we sell the common White Turkey that is reared at Little Hoole, near Preston. These birds are allowed to roam in spacious sheds free from the winter weather and are plump and very meaty.

Throughout the year we sell turkey crowns and turkey breast joints.