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Free Range Pork

Free Range Pork

Our free range pork is sourced from Anna’s Happy Trotters in Howden, East Yorkshire.

The pigs are bred, weaned and fattened outdoors and fed only on natural products.

This has given rise to award winning succulent, great tasting pork that has been praised by celebrity chefs Gerard Baker and Rosemary Shrager.

Free Range Pork

Free Range Poultry

Reared in Harlow, Southern England, Label Anglais Special Reserve chickens are allowed to roam free and feed on natural products, slowly reaching full maturity.

Free from additives they have a delicate texture and excellent flavour. They are raised in a high welfare environment and grow slowly to full maturity which can be up to 75 days.

These chickens are far superior to supermarket chickens, and are only supplied to independent butchers and restaurants. They are so good that even Gordon Ramsey uses them.

Free Range Pork

Scotch Beef

 All our beef at the Scotch Beef Shop is sourced from the renowned John Scott Meat in Paisley, Scotland. Who over the past 200 years have remained to true to the highest standards and traditions

Our Scotch beef is fully traceable and certified.

As 80% of Scotland’s grass is “rough grass.” The naturally reared beef from our certified farms and supplier ensures this makes our true scotch beef of the finest quality.

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